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¥60 - ¥99

▲ By drying clothes on hangers on this compact drying rack you maximise your drying space. Also, you’re gentler on both your clothes and the environment compared to using a dryer.

▲ Easy to move - castors included.

▲ The bin is easy to move since it has a handle on the back.

▲ It’s smart to store things high up ? but sometimes it’s difficult to reach them. This step stool makes it easier to reach things highest up in cabinets ? and it's also nice to look at.

¥20 - ¥59

▲ These products make it easier for you to keep your home tidy and clean. You can have them visible and easily accessible – or store them out of sight. They are easy to fold, hang or leave freestanding.

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▲ It fits in the smallest of bathrooms, but there’s plenty of space on the shelves for all your toiletries from shampoo bottles to soap and small items.

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▲ You’ll soon discover how useful these washcloths are for wiping after eating, changing diapers or for the runny nose. Keep them handy, wash and reuse over and over again – and save on wet wipes.

Under ¥20

▲ TVÄRS – a fun, futuristic mood lamp that looks like it came from outer space.

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