It's the soft, fluffy textiles that make a place your own – with a rug in your favourite colour or curtains you've sewn yourself. Where getting a new look is as easy as changing your bed linens. A place that invites you to get comfy and stay a while. All of the things that bring a home to life.

Metres of geometry

Start colour blocking with the graphic SIGRUNN fabric printed onto 100% cotton from more sustainable sources.

Soft summer friends

Colourful textile from SOMMAR 2019 textile collection.

SOMMAR 2019 textile collection is bright, vibrant and colourful with playful prints. Mix and match them all to suit your own, personal summer style.

Colouful cushions stacked together.

Stack up on plenty of cushions for the whole family – there’s a pattern for each and every taste.

Child laying in a bed with OMT?NKSAM bedding.

Designed for every body

There are times when we all need a bit of extra comfort and support. With the OMTÄNKSAM range, IKEA wants to make everyday life easier for everyone – and for every body. Welcome to experience lots of great items made in close collaboration with ergonomics experts and tested by real people, with different needs.

Pillows with a pop

Striking textiles cover your home in comfort, and bring your personality to everything from your pillows to your windows and floors.

Falling back asleep

Night shift? Pull down the block-out blinds and catch up on some sleep. With layer upon layer of different types of curtains you can easily change your bedroom from daylight to darkness. And everything in between.

Find inspiration you and your home can get wrapped up in