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    Product Recycling Fund
    The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.


    Gather for the food. Stay for the stories.

    Getting them to the table is easy. So our dining furniture is designed to help with the hard part – keeping them there. Because when the chairs are comfy and the table is just the right size, everyone will be happy to stay for a while (even if there's no dessert).


    NILSOVE, Chair with armrestsbox
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    LISABO Tablebox
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    NILSOVE Chair with armrests, rattan >
    Hand-woven rattan and sturdy bamboo make each armchair unique and stable. The armrest helps you sit comfortably close to the table – ideal for long dinners. A great way to invite nature into your home.
    LISABO Table, ash veneer >
    We’re proud of our LISABO series, awarded with the prestigious, international Red Dot Award, for its design. The products are durable, sturdy and easy to assemble, yet look light and hand-crafted.

    Inspiration & idea

    Make dinner a daily pleasure Make dinner a daily pleasure
    Make dinner a daily pleasure.
    Be ready for the new summer, and enjoy the dinner time with your family!
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    A summer dinner dressed in white A summer dinner dressed in white
    A summer dinner dressed in white
    A pop-up outdoor celebration with all guests dressed in white. This sums up the phenomenon “D?ner en blanc,” or dinner in white.
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    Top seller

    Selected series

    Dining furniture with something to hide
    Naturally beautiful, solid wood furniture
    They are extendable, yet the surface shows no visible joints because you simply drag the legs.
    The solid birch legs and ash veneer tops are naturally durable, and a hardwearing lacquer coating is resistant to daily use.

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    Create your own dining

    2019 IKEA Catalogue Design your dining chairs
    The 2019 IKEA Catalogue is here!
    New inspiration, products, and homes, too.
    Read catalogue >
    Try various dining chairs planning tools, and create your own personalized dining chair.
    Design your dining chairs
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    blue bardeliveryInstallation
    You can do it yourself, but you don’t have to.
    You can pick and choose from a number of helpful services to make life easier.
    We can deliver it for you.
    Delivery service
    Sometimes it’s nice if someone else assembles it.
    Assembly service
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