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    Product Recycling Fund
    The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.


    IKEA for cats and dogs

    LURVIG (which means “furry” in Swedish) is IKEA’s pet collection featuring modern furniture, accessories and everything else your pet needs so that you can enjoy life at home together. From cosy cat igloos and snug dog beds to easy-to-clean cushions and ceramic bowls, there is something to fit any personality.

    Light greyA dog is sitting in the middle of a room surrounded by LURVIG blankets, cushions and an eating bowl.
    Designed by experts
    To understand what pets need, we need to think like them. That’s why we brought in pet-loving designers and trained veterinarians to help develop LURVIG.
    Dr Barbara Sch?fer, who works with product risk assessment at IKEA, happens to be a trained veterinarian. “The biggest challenge is not to humanize pet products,” Barbara explains. “It’s really important to use animals’ natural needs and behaviours like how they sleep, eat or play as a starting point. Then we can design a product that fits in with our ‘human needs’ such as style and form.”
    LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Blanket ¥ 149.00
    DecorativeA black Labradoodle dog with caramel eyes relaxes on top of a cosy grey LURVIG cushion.

    Pets are family

    Your pet is more than just a pet – it is a family member. Our pets are our constant companions at home, with little quirks and big personalities that bring joy to our everyday lives. It’s exactly from that feeling that IKEA created the LURVIG range.
    The cat and dog home collection consists of modern, long-lasting and affordable products, which fit with your existing home furnishings. More importantly, it is designed with the pet’s perspective in mind, with their natural needs and behaviour coming first.
    “It’s really important to use animal’s natural needs and behaviours like how they sleep, eat or play as a starting point.”
    – Dr Barbara Sch?fer, veterinarian and Product Risk Assessment Leader at IKEA
    A fluffy cat is sniffing at two LURVIG ceramic bowls which are on a patterned pink tray.

    Made specially for cats

    These tall ceramic bowls make it easier for cats to reach their food or water. Plus, it’s reversible so that you have two sizes to choose from.
    LURVIG Bowl ¥ 4.90 LURVIG Bowl ¥ 4.90 LURVIG Bowl ¥ 4.90
    A small dog sits in front of two black LURVIG bowls on top of a patterned white tray.

    Keeping it tidy

    Dogs love eating with abandon. To make it easier to clean up, place their bowls on top of this handy tray.
    LURVIG Bowl ¥ 29.90 LURVIG Bowl ¥ 29.90
    A black Papillon dog is relaxing inside a geometric patterned LURVIG travel bag, with a matching travel bowl beside it.

    On the go

    Of course your furry friend should join on trips. This travel bag (and matching travel bowl) keeps them safe and can easily transform into a bed at your destination.
    LURVIG Travel bag for pets ¥ 149.00 LURVIG Travel bag for pets ¥ 149.00
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    Designed for all personalities

    For the dashing divas and Zen-like philosophers. For the endearing introverts and playful extroverts. Every pet has its own personality and needs. That’s why LURVIG offers a wide range of pet furniture and accessories with plenty of colours, patterns and textures to choose from. Pink and fluffy? Or sleek and patterned? It’s up to you (or Buddy).
    A fluffy white cat relaxes inside a pink LURVIG cat house which is inserted into a KALLAX shelf.Decorative

    A perfect match

    What’s wonderful about LURVIG is how it easily fits into IKEA classics, like a cat house that fits perfectly into a KALLAX shelving unit. Or a pet-sized version of the iconic KLIPPAN couch that matches our human-sized ones. There is also a smart cat house that slips over a simple MARIUS stool.
    The range comes in Scandinavian design-inspired colours, textures and patterns that seamlessly fits into your existing home interiors.
    Discover LURVIG collection for cats
    LURVIG Cat house, igloo ¥ 99.00

    Sleep easy, clean easy

    We know how hard it can be to clean up after our furry friends, with their hair sticking everywhere. Enter this ingenious cushion made of water-resistant fabric. It’s super easy to wipe it clean, plus fur won’t stick to it. When it’s laundry day, just remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine.
    Discover LURVIG collection for dogs
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