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    Product Recycling Fund
    The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

    Winter holidays

    A holiday for everyone

    A warm welcome to the winter holiday season at IKEA. We say warm because this holiday, no matter where in the world, is about finding pockets of comfort in what might otherwise be a stressful time. Find everything you need for your holiday cooking, eating, decorating, gift-wrapping and more, to make it a fuss-free, inclusive season.

    Invite the holidays in style

    Two VINTERFEST LED decoration lights in acrylic plastic on a grey cabinet next to bouquet of flowers. VINTERFEST set of 3 LED decoration lights placed on a dinner table among LED lights and Christmas baubles
    Whether you like a “less-is-more”, minimal approach, or full-on holiday glam, we have all the holiday decorations that will turn your home into a festive wonderland.
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    VINTERFEST LED decoration lighting ¥ 59.00 VINTERFEST LED decoration lighting ¥ 29.90 VINTERFEST LED decoration lighting ¥ 29.90 VINTERFEST LED decoration lighting ¥ 29.90 VINTERFEST LED decoration lighting ¥ 29.90 VINTERFEST LED decoration lighting ¥ 29.90

    A table to gather around

    Three-tier VINTERFEST serving stand on a table with savouries and sweet cakes. Three white leaf-shaped VINTERFEST plates and two round bowls with savouries on a white tablecloth.
    Feeling good about your holiday dinner set doesn’t have to make you want to pull your hair out. We’re here to support you with a few simple, yet festive pieces to help enhance your personal style. Say hello to plates and bowls that make the feast taste a tad bit better and a patterned table cloth that breathes Scandinavian heritage.
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    VINTERFEST Side plate ¥ 24.90 VINTERFEST Side plate ¥ 24.90

    For starrier days and nights

    A table prepared for the festive winter season with STR?LA lighting and VINTERFEST tableware.
    Warm, twinkling light makes the holiday season magical. With the STR?LA collection you can adorn windows, walls and tables and be surrounded by whimsical light 24/7.
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    Soft and colourful holiday patterns

    VINTER pillow case with red and white coloured stripes and other patterns. Red and white VINTERFEST kitchen towels wrapped around utensils and a sprig with flowers.
    This holiday textile range is joyful and rich in patterns, all inspired by our Scandinavian heritage. They work just as well for the messy baking session, as for the style conscious holiday party. Or, if you’re feeling extra creative this season - incorporate them in your gift-wrapping for a more sustainable approach.
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    Last minute “fika” ready

    VINTERSAGA milk chocolate on a leaf-shaped VINTERVEST plate and heart-shaped ginger bread cookies in a tin. A child building three VINTERSAGA model houses made of baked gingerbread dough and decorated with icing and sweets.
    Store-bought ginger breads, homemade or somewhere in-between? What really matters is being together while enjoying something good to eat. Combine the VINTERSAGA range of treats with Swedish food specialties to bring the yumminess to every feast.
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    VINTERSAGA Milk chocolate tablet ¥ 19.90 VINTERSAGA Chocolate-flavoured toffees ¥ 19.90 VINTERSAGA Gingerbread house ¥ 32.90
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