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Children are the most precious people in the world! That’s why we’re all about making children’s products that are safe and supportive of children’s development and growth. All based on 20 years of knowledge and research.

This desk is designed to grow with your child.

The desk is easily adjusted to 59, 66 or 72 cm by using the knobs on the legs.

Children's room ideas


New JÄTTELIK series, bring you back to prehistoric world!

We take childish behaviour seriously.

More play, more safety!

Find an easy way to organize

Label each box, learn to be responsible by organizing.

TROFAST toy storage solutions make storing and organising as a playful thing. 

The first step of studying:
find the right desk

This desk is designed to grow with your child, thanks to the three different heights. Different add-on units for choices! 

Selected series

Staycation play ideas

Hide-and-seek playground

Every day is play day. This little girl loves hide and seek, and her bedroom is filled with flexible furniture that also conceals and reveals. Can you guess her favourite hiding spot?

Home, the best playground

Easy ways to turn your home into playground.


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